Dead Sea Skin Products


Sun, Summer and Skin Care

Summer time can be brutal on your skin. Long days spent on the beach, out in the sunshine, or working away in the garden can leave your skin dry, sun-damaged and wind-burned. High temperatures and exposure to summer allergens can also irritate skin and leave painful and irritating red patches and rashes. Dead Sea skin products are acclaimed around the world for their healing benefits to skin. The natural minerals that are captured in the production of Dead Sea skin products allow your skin to heal naturally and provide important components needed to reduce irritation and inflammation.

Our Quality is Unbeatable

Dead Sea skin products utilize the highest quality ingredients to produce a finalized product that is free of contaminants and fillers. The high-grade Dead Sea skin treatments offer relief from summer irritation and damage within minutes of application and feel cool and rejuvenating on the skin. The natural healing properties of Dead Sea skin products energize skin and provide protection from ongoing damage. The rich, natural botanical oils added to Dead Sea components are gentle on the skin and promote improved circulation.

Natural Herbs to Promote Recovery

Dead Sea skin products with essential oils of peppermint offer a cooling application for sun-damaged skin and reduces redness. Dead Sea mineral treatments with lavender oils are relaxing and revitalizing and offer pain relief for over-worked muscles and tired limbs. Dead Sea skin products that use natural eucalyptus oil are energizing and ideal to apply in the morning to begin your day off ready to take on the long, busy days of summertime. Dead Sea skin products with natural herbs are ideal for the recovery process and promote natural activities of the immune system. Capture the natural healing properties of the Dead Sea with Dead Sea skin products.


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