Endotoxin Test

Labs has been providing a broad range of laboratory tests relative to molecular biology and microbiology for nearly five decades. Hylabs has honed its service specialty within infectious disease. Industries served include pharma, medical device and cell therapies.
Labs, based in Israel, is a leading provider for developing and distributing tests to identify microorganisms generally not visible to the human eye. Algae, viruses and bacteria represent microorganisms within microbiology.
For the Bacterial Endotoxin Test ,BET, Hylabs utilizes one of three assay or inspection modalities. The gold standard has been the LAL gel-clot Assay. Endotoxin identification is concerning when a clot appears at the bottom of the test tube. In general the Endotoxin Test observes how blood cells, known as amebocytes, react with bacterial endotoxins.
Bacterial Endotoxins
These endotoxins are bacteria found to be present on the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria. Endotoxins that surpass a certain concentration may result in human symptomatology of fever, nausea, shivering and at the extreme, adult respiratory disease or shock. Pyrogens are part of the endotoxin makeup and is noted to be a substance that induces fever. Endotoxins are everywhere, but notably, in the digestive system, pharmaceutical products or medical devices and must be chemically removed to allow protein free entry across cells. Incidentally, the Bacterial Endotoxin Test, BET, is also called the LAL test, meaning, Limulus Amebocyte Lysate.
Clean Room Conditions
Lab adheres to best practices understrict regimentation of sterile conditions in what are known as clean rooms. These spaces seek to eliminate or cause significant reduction of dust, particles, microbes and other debris concerning within the parameters of the test environment. Quality assurance is employed to further assure utmost observance of test standards
Molecular Biology
Lab diagnostics include the COVID-19 Variance Test claimed to trace the origin of this virus. Moreover, the Fast RT PCR Test for Legionella. The LYOKIT can detect and quantify L. Pneumophila and Legionella SPP. Molecular biology studies the macro-molecules that are said to be the building blocks of life; this is coupled with the study of microorganisms guiding pertinent lab services toward life quality.

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