Off Road Tours in Spain

For the outdoor enthusiasts, especially for the risk takers who enjoy riding dirt bikes and racing jeeps, the off road tours in Spain are exciting! Riding dirt bikes is completely different from riding a street motorcycle. Off the road tours in Spain will have skilled experts who know the terrain and know the bikes, and they will demonstrate and show you how to have fun on the off road tours in Spain.

Instruction for Motorcycle Tours

The main skills include handling front and rear wheel slides and handling those successfully, body conditioning and braking techniques are also important and included in the initial training. This training will get everyone acquainted with the machinery and the logistics, so the terrain can be successfully explored.

Off Road Tours in Spain

The more experienced riders and those who have been on the off road tours in Spain before are typically not required to take the training beforehand. The tours run from three nights to seven nights depending on when you want to go, and in case of rain in the Pyrenees Mountains, some choose to continue on with the tour and some choose to reschedule. This mountain range lies directly to the north of the beautiful Mediterranean coastline of the Catalonia region.

Villages and Attractions

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and provides a wonderful place to rest and eat when you’ve come down from the off road tours in Spain and the Pyrenees mountains. In the villages and towns scattered around the country, you’ll find small Spanish towns and horse farms for those who do not ride dirt bikes or off road jeeps. The southern coast of Spain is a fabulous place to spend time in the sun when taking a break from the off road tours in Spain.

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