Social entrepreneurship Israel

Supporting Populations in Need

Social entrepreneurship is a rapidly growing sector in the business world today. More and more non-profit businesses are starting up to address needs of various populations around the globe. One of the countries seeing a rise in the number of socially-conscious businesses is Israel. Social entrepreneurship Israel is reaching out to affect multiple groups with different needs including supporting Holocaust survivors, nutritional help for families in need, youth activities, and environmental issues among others.

Why Social Entrepreneurship?
Rather than donating to a large foundation or non-profit, social entrepreneurship Israel can make every dollar count as new and smaller start-up non-profits often have lower overhead and administrative expenses. Social media has changed the fundraising landscape. Online marketing and crowd funding allows social entrepreneurs to effectively market a new venture and get the needed money to support its cause.

Why Are These Donations Important?
Smaller organizations also frequently focus on issues that are more local or less likely to be addressed by larger, existing non-profits. Operating on a smaller scale gives Social entrepreneurship Israel organizations the opportunity to address a broad range of social issues facing the country and abroad as well.

What Are the Needs?
Many Holocaust survivors living in Israel live below the poverty line and go without adequate food and medication. Small, social service agencies in local communities have the ability to meet individually with clients and discern their specific needs. Poverty, and the related problems of hunger and affordable housing, is among the most important issues being addressed by social emotional entrepreneurship Israel.

Social entrepreneurship Israel is gaining traction as a way to combat the many social issues facing the nation. New non-profits are bringing fresh ideas and solutions to a wide range of problems.

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