Support israel

Supporting Israel is Everyone's Mission

When it comes to understanding the plight of Israel, it doesn't take a history book to see how much they have been through recently. The fact of the matter is there are more than enough examples over time of how the Jewish people and all of Israel have been under attack, whether physically and from a war point of view, or from being undermined. However, rather than trying to go back and forth about politics, religion, or even diplomacy on the basis of previous rulings and U.N. interventions, it is extremely important to simply understand the Jewish people for what they have been through. That's why it is time to support Israel.

The Holocaust was something that no-one should ever have to go through. To be called a second class citizen and to have your rights literally ripped away means that you are not even being treated like a human being. Yet the Jewish people and many Israeli families not only had to go through that or have had family members go through that, but many have also lost friends, family, and loved ones in the past generation just due to something such as the Holocaust. That is exactly why today it is so important to take a stand and to support Israel.

When others march for freedoms it is not a bad thing because each and every individual deserves to be heard. However, when you are marching to gain additional freedom, or you want to change a ruling or law, the one thing you have to remember is that you are at least seen as an equal and have the right to a voice. When Israel is under attack, there are people who aren't even able to live their life without the threat of being killed. That is the reason why now more than ever Israel needs support. It isn't a political message, it isn't a scare tactic, it is a plea for help. Help the children, the mothers, the sick and the old. Help support Israel.

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