Total Organic Carbon

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Our company offers the finest in lab testing for clinical diagnosis, food, water, and veterinary diagnosis, biotechnology, and pharma purposes and research.

Total TOc Analysis

Among the most popular of our services is establishing the total organic carbon in a water solution or in

The total organic carbon in the cleanliness of lab equipment or manufacturing is critical.

We test the amount of total organic carbon in water to determine the quality of water in a lab solution, or to help companies determine whether their lab equipment or manufacturing equipment meets their purity needs.

Total organic carbon has become an important variable to test water quality, lab, and manufacturing equipment to test the overall levels of organic compounds, and provides a general analysis of organic contamination.

State of the Art Equipment

We use the finest, state-of-the-art equipment to test your solutions and equipment for organic contamination, the OI Analytic's Aurora 1030W TOC Analyser to provide our TOC service.

The OI Aurora System uses persulfate oxidation technology to automatically detect any level of organic compound contamination in the product being measured.

Our system is completely automatic, which avoids any human error, and extremely accurate.

Samples as small as OI 2 parts per billion up to 30,000 parts per million can be analyzed with the Aurora TOC Analyzer, and we can analyze up to 300 samples within a 24-hour period.

Before our TOC analysis begins we rinse the reaction chamber of our analyzer to ensure there is no previous contamination from a previous sample being analyzed.

This compares to other labs which use TOC combustion analyzers which have a tendency to build up residual salt accumulations or other contaminants which may skew the TOC analysis results.

The fact that we use the very best TOC analyzer is an example of our quality as a lab as a whole. We use only the very best equipment to ensure quality lab analysis results.

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