Camel Riding In Israel

Stark Beauty of the Negev

There is something very special about exploring ancient trails others have traveled before you thousands of years ago. Walking the Negev desert, daily life and its troubles couldn't be further away. Tours of all kinds are available and you can explore this fascinating area either by Jeep (4×4), cycling or hiking. Whichever means of travel you choose, the geological phenomena in the Negev are, most especially the Ramon Crater, not to be missed. Bedouin hospitality will make you feel welcome and offers a look at a way of life that hasn't changed for centuries.

Experience History and Follow the Footsteps of Jesus

Tour the Holy Land and walk the same ground that Jesus did. This land is soaked in history and once you've completed the tour, you will never forget it. Visit Galilee and take a boat ride on the same water as the disciples, see Capernaum, or stand on the same mount as Jesus did to talk to the people. Stand in the waters of the Jordan River where He was baptized, visit Dolorosa and walk the Stations of the Cross, and see the Mount of Olives where Jesus ascended to heaven. If you think you like what your reading, imagine actually being there, in a place as holy as Jerusalem.

Enjoy The Ancient Comfort of a Bedouin Tent

The Negev Bedouin are a peaceful, nomadic Arab tribe. For untold generations they remain on the move so their herds can find forage in a harsh land. Even so, there are a few groups that have settled permanently in one area or another. This is what even makes it possible for tours to reach them and look at ancient living in modern times. You will sleep in the same kind of tent as their ancestors did, enjoy food like you've never tasted before, and come to realize there isn't anywhere in the world that has a night sky quite like what you see in the Negev.

Learn About Camel Riding in Israel

The Bedouin have been using Camels as transportation since long before the birth of Christ and Camel riding in Israel is still the most dependable way to get around the desert today. There are short tours available by the day , or book a Camel Safari and see the Negev from an entirely different perspective. Imagine sleeping outdoors, snuggled up in a sleeping bag under stars that can't be counted. All the while bearing in mind that what is basically a camping trip to you, is still a way of life for the Bedouin.

Discover "Yam Hamelach", the Dead Sea

The name "Dead Sea" is certainly appropriate. Over nine times saltier than any ocean's, nothing can live in its waters. Among its extremely high mineral content is Potash (potassium), used in fertilizer production as well as having some medicinal benefit. At 1,083 feet deep, it is the deepest salt lake on the planet and it sits 2,621 feet below sea level, the absolute lowest dry land on earth.

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